If You Live in Yucaipa You Can Get But Delivered Right to Your Front Door.

         Kush Concepts Delivery long served residents of Yucaipa while our Brick and Mortar store was open, but now that we have expanded to adding the delivery of our products to our list of services residents can simply call to place and order. Although our standard delivery time is 45 minutes to 1 hour the deliveries to Yucaipa often arrive much earlier. All of our customers receive the same great service starting from their first order.

         Ordering is simple. All you have to do is call a representative, the phone number can be found on our Contact Page. All of the representatives are very knowledgeable, so one you have one on the phone you they will be able to answer any questions you might have about any of our Products. Additionally, our staff are friendly to everyone, and really care about helping those who need it. When it comes down to it we just want everyone to be able to get quality meds.

         Over time the staff begins to personalize your experience more and more. Interacting with the drivers not only shows some of the faces behind our collective, but allows them to help the other reps in assisting you better. Your frequent phone calls to the representatives improve their ability to serve you  better, and give you more of a personal experience. We also use your feedback in our reviews to improve our service, so we encourage everyone to leave a review on both our Google home page, and all our products. We appreciate all of them, so thanks to everyone who helped us grow.

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Things to Do in Yucaipa.

      Although Yucaipa is a small town there is a lot more to do there than you might think. This City is renowned for its beautiful scenery, but many who visit are often unaware that Yucaipa is home to a number of great Museums, a water park, and California's finest grub. If you are fishing, sight seeing, enjoying a day at the Village in Oak Glen, Playing the local Laser Tag or exploring new restaurants you count on Kush Concepts Delivery to give you the right bud for any outing.
      If you are a local you probably already know, but to those of you who are new to Yucaipa there are many trails on the surrounding hills and mountain range. It is common for the townsfolk and tourists to hike one or more of the several trails to a high point, take a couple of fat rips  and enjoy a nice sunrise or sunset. Another popular activity is taking family or friends to the local creak. At the creak you have a front row seat to kick your feet in the water, smoke a bowl and see the beautiful San Bernardino Forest. Pet friendly and prone to wildlife visitors this is a great spot if your're around.
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