Want Some Weed Delivered to You In Redlands? You Can Do That Now.

The Redlands community was always welcome at our stores, but now they have the luxury of getting it delivered. If you are out eating lunch, or at home watching a movie Kush Concepts Delivery can serve Redlands in about 30 minutes. In a City this beautiful having a weed source that will meet you anywhere has the potential to compliment any experience you  have here. Kush Concepts Delivery stocks the finest concentrates, the highest quality flower, tastiest edibles, stoniest vapes and the friendliest staff you'll find in the State. We encourage you to check out the full Menu. If you have any questions, or you you would like to place an order both our numbers and an email can be found on our Contact Page

How Well Do We Know Redlands?

If you have ever been to Redlands then you know how beautiful it is, and there is so much to do. With many great restaurants, retail stores, bars, parks, museums,  gardens and an awesome 3D movie theater  Redlands is generally  a fun place to go out with friends and family. It's a lot more fun when you got the right Bud, so it's a good thing you can order some right from your phone and receive it in 1 hour or less anywhere in Redlands. When your are doing the cool stuff to do in this city like browsing Market Night, or drinking a cold beer while watching a 3D movie at Harken's theater having some good cannabis brought to you anytime is something Kush Concepts Delivery wants to offer to any responsible adults looking for good meds. That is why they proudly serve the Redlands community from 10 am to 10 pm 7 days a week.  Moreover, the staff intimately familiar with the area which compliments their 1 hour or less policy. 

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